WWMA Meeting Presentations


ABWS Proposal
Method of Sale Update
Method of Sale - Section B
Method of Sale - Section G
Lumber and Wood Panels
Tractor Hydraulic Fluid


Transportation Fuels: Supplying the Nation
Conducting Effective National Marketplace Surveys
Skimmers on Gas Pump/Credit Card Readers
Isobutanol Gasoline Oxygenates
The Life Cycle of Petroleum from Well to Retail
Arizona Agriculture – Arizona Farm Bureau
Arizona Agriculture – Department of Agriculture
Self-Serve Beverage Systems
Redefining the Shopping Experience
Audit Trails
Scale Manufacturers Association


Administrative Inspections, Due Process, Evidence, and Package Control
Basics of Proving LPG Meters
Risk-based Inspections


Calibrators for Electric Vehicle Charge Stations by Jeff Gust
Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: Program Considerations
Fundamentals of Handbook 133
Justifying Weights and Measures Programs
Model Standards Development
NTEP Overview


Administrative Civil Penalty Advocate Training
Administrative Civil Penalty Hearing Officer Training
ATM Skimmers
Does Brand Matter for Motor Oil?
Economic Justification of Weights and Measures Programs
Gas Pump Skimmers
Introduction to Testing Polyethylene Products
  Linear Low Density Plastic vs High Density Plastic
Price Verification
Current State Laws Pertaining to Pricing
The U.S. Standard System of Weights & Measures - A Brief History


NIST Handbook 133: New Procedures for Testing Seed Count


California Study into Temperature Compensation and Retail Motor Fuel Delivery
Conducting a Management Review
NIST Handbook 44 Proposed Requirements for Tare