WWMA Membership

Membership in the Western Weights and Measures Association (WWMA) shall be open to those involved in or concerned with weights and measures activities and shall consist of four classes of membership: Active, Associate, Former, Honorary Fellow, Honorary Member and Senior.

Active Member: Any person gainfully employed in weights and measures activities by a state, county, city or other sovereign jurisdiction within the area of the WWMA.

Associate Member: Includes any person, other than an active member, evidencing an interest in the purpose or activities of the WWMA or weights and measures in general.

Association or Western Weights and Measures Association: Encompasses the area included in the states of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming, and the active members derived there from. The Association also includes all other classes or membership, irrespective of employment status or area of residency, who are dedicated to the principles set out in the preamble to the Constitution.

Former Member: Any person formerly enjoying any class of membership in the Association.

Honorary Fellow: A person recognized by the Association and designated recipient of the fellowship in memory/honor of (1) Ray Rebuffo, (2) Les Murphy or (3) Earl Prideaux.

Honorary Member: Any senior member or retired person nominated for such distinction by the Honors and Awards Committee and further designated as such by majority vote of the Board.

Senior Member: Includes any person, other than an active or associate member, permanently retired from gainful employment in the weights and measures profession. Employment in an avocation will not alter a retired person’s status.

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